Time is no healer !! 15 MTH now
since Babs passed away and still at a loss with myself no enthusiasm to do anything . I look after max :dog2: feed and walk him that’s about all . Any body feel like this ???


Hi Smee.
I agree time is no healer but I am only in very early stages. 22 weeks ago I lost my partner to a brain tumour. Bastard thing. 40 years together

I’ve just posted that I feel the rawness has eased and I’m not crying as much. But……….
I can’t imagine what life has to offer and do things on autopilot. There is no point anymore.
I guess I’m trying to say I so understand how you feel and really cant imagine a future without her. I just cant. So it’s day by day hour by hour. And yes I can’t imagine it being any different 15 months from now.
I just find reading that I’m not alone is truly helping me. I hope you do too. So many people on here able to articulate these awful feelings so well…….
Thank goodness for this group……. Take care of yourself Smee………


my wife died suddenly 18 months ago .I get up i go to work i smile i laugh and chat and i know everyone thinks ive come to terms with it .Inside i am hollow ,theres literally nothing there i go to bed every night hoping i dont wake up i drive to work hoping i get hit by another car and put out of my misery . im 44 and the prospect of being alive for decades fills me with dread . I have 2 stepdaughter and 2 grand daughters and in truth i think if it wasnt for them id have just driven away and left everything behind . my point is that the life lived has to continue ,job ,bills eat sleep all that crap but its really a mirage of who i actually am now


It’s been 5 months since I lost my darling to cancer.Some days are better than others but in the end my saddnes always wins.My old life has gone and I am going to try and make a new life in the UK.To be honest it doesn’t matter were I am I will be without the love of my life,so I feel i will never be happy again.Take care Derek.



I understand . I cannot imagine going on without Bry . I’m trying my hardest to soldier on but in truth I’m existing , waiting my turn & really hope it damn well hurry’s up :sleepy::sleepy::broken_heart:

I’m 9 weeks in almost & it’s 9 weeks too long :broken_heart::broken_heart:

Sending hugs xx


…yip every day for the last 18 months :two_hearts:


Reading all the above shows how we all feel.

It does Mariola but it helps to know we’re not alone on our grief journeys. Hugs to all and hope for better days for all of us xx


Yes, exactly. Nearly 3 yrs now. Sorry for your loss

Thank you. It’s heartbreaking our best friends

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