7 months down this road for me .i am having to kearn a new job at work which i thought was the right thing however im worried my brain isn’t working the way it used to do t feel im taking it all in…i miss Robert so much.been Crying these last few days again just when i thought things were easing.its defo not as frequent but just want this sadness to go away.surely my life isnt going to be like this forever…


I hope not, as much as I hope not for me too. I’m fed up with being sad, although 19 weeks in, I do have some good days.

My memory is terrible, I think it’s so busy trying to keep me going each day that it doesn’t have to space to take in and remember new information. I forget things all the time. I feel like a broken record repeating myself all the time as I’m not sure if I’ve already said it. I can tell by people’s faces that I have lol.

I wonder if it’s the shock of the sudden loss that stops me processing stuff as I’m constantly trying to work out why, what, where, when, then back to why! I sound mad but I’m not lol, I’m just grieving. 16 years with someone and then nothing in the space of a minute! That’s a lot to process.


@Jan271 I really hope my life isn’t going to be like this forever. I constantly feel like I’m in Groundhog Day. I wake, remember, then trudge through another day until bedtime.
I’m only 19 weeks and some days I think I’m improving but then the next day I feel like I’m back at the beginning.
I find the effort of getting through another day is exhausting. No wonder we get brain fog. I’ve not been back to work yet. That’s my next big obstacle to tackle.


Hi, it’s fog brain or as I call it broken brain, it’s 21 months since my husband died, and my memory is terrible, I seem to repeat what I say and forget simple instructions. It’s probably because part of our brain is now took with thoughts of our partners and the life we have lost, there’s always a dark cloud just waiting to attack us . Xtake carex


Ditto. I’ve said to friends it’s like ground hog day so many times. I’m hoping for better days to come and I guess I can only be the one to do that. Life’s so hard right now.

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Yes all we can do is hope for better days and as you say we are the only ones who make it happen. Life is definitely bloody hard at the minute
Hope your Sunday is going ok x

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I’m not good on Sundays as my partner died on a Sunday but finished a tearful day doing yoga and feeling much more positive for the week ahead.
I hope the weekend has been kind to you too!