Tips for sleeping?

I wonder if anyone has any tips to help getting off to sleep and getting a good nights rest.

I have found it useful since June passed to increase the weight of covers on top of the bed. I now have a duvet and a fleece with a heavy dressing gown on top. It gives me some comfort along with extra warmth in what is a cold house. Summer will be a different matter.

I also place the decorative pillows on top of the bed alongside me where June slept and find this comforting too.

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Hello . You can buy something called a weighted blanket . I haven’t tried one myself but they are said to be very good as they relieve anxiety and stress which will help you fall asleep .
Take care.
Love Angie xx

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Dear Shiney999

Your ideas on sleep sounds as if they are working for you which is good. I’m so sorry you lost your June, such a hard thing to go through. Angie’s suggestion of a weighted blanket is a good one. I bought one myself, the website is Klarna. Anything that helps is to be recommended. Thank you for posting, I’m sure it will help others with sleep problems.

best wishes



Hi Shiney, I place the pillows on the side of bed too. I just stay up as late as I can so hopefully I’ll just drop into bed and sleep. We all have our own ways of coping with sleepiness nights and it’s helpful to read other people’s ideas of what can help. Take care Shiney.
Love Kathy

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