Tired after losing mum

I’m new here so bear with me. My elderly frail mum passed away in December from multiple infections, it seemed sudden but she hadn’t been eating much for months and was extremely thin.

At first my sleep was disturbed but now I’m sleeping up to nine hours a night ! I’m also finding it hard to settle at work , lacking concentration etc, I’m assuming this is all normal ?

I do miss being able to chat to mum but expected that , I didn’t anticipate this extreme tiredness

Hi Roz

I was sorry to read about your Mum. Like you I chatted to my Mum all the time, we had so many ‘in jokes’ between us and things we shared an interest in.

I think the tiredness is normal, at least I hope it is. I am coming up to 18 months since Mum passed away and still feel exhausted all the time. You are sleeping which is good, I did for a while but have lapsed back into bad insomnia and read books to pass the nights. The concentration and lack of settling again are I think a normal part of it all.

All you can do is take each day as it comes, try and eat something. I never thought I would be recommending eating to people as don’t care about food much myself. I have found however that if I don’t have something ‘proper’ to eat every day I get very low and weepy plus completely lacking in energy. Comfort food rules with me, beans and baked potatoes, soups and that sort of thing.

Take care of yourself


Thanks Mel that’s very kind. I guess it is all normal then I wonder at odd times because it’s all very surreal. The hospital doctor who looked after mum warned me to eat well and try to sleep , before the funeral I was not sleeping , now I can’t stop - feels weird