To Alan my partner who passed away on the 4th May 2019

A year ago you went away
And left me on my own to stay
To weep, my tears of missing you,
Run down my face, like morning dew.

They say the hurt subsides, not true,
It deepens everyday,
All the time i long for you,
My tears won’t go away.

The days are long and lonely now
With no one by my side,
I’d love to walk to heaven, if you will be my guide.

There’s nothing for me now down here,
So take me by the hand,
And lead me to that special place,
Your wonderful new land.


That’s beautiful, :cry: thinking of you x

Sums up how we all feel xx

That is beautiful, the pain doesn’t go away, I think you just learn to live with it, the first anniversary is always the hardest, sending you love and hugs x

Thank you for this beautiful poem, Janet. x x x x

Lovely words :sparkles: Hope yesterday was ok, as Jude said the first anniversary can be the hardest

So beautiful. Words so often fall short of any real meaning but your poem is from the heart. It brought me to tears. No worries, that’s me. Blessings. John.

Just come across this tonight. Thank you so much daisy-janet. It was one year past on Saturday 4th July when my beloved David took his last breath wrapped in my arms. I miss him so much and your beautiful words just sum up the year cometely.

That’s lovely. Thank you for sharing

Shona x