To anyone who listens and cares

Thank you for your comments. I recognise all you say. So true
Where will life go now
Who understands - not many. How come so many think we can just shake it all off and move on.
When will the pain stop .


Hi Janet , oh if only we could just shake it off and move on . I keep hoping it will get better but it never does, only feels worse so far. No one can understand unless they are going through it. We sympathise, we think we understand , but we have no idea until it happens to us and knocks us flat. I see from your other posts you have health problems and are alone a lot. Life is so hectic these days for our children, I am sure they mean to do more but probably there are other more urgent things on their to do list. I am glad you have a kind and helpful carer to talk to . Hope you feel better soon and can get around a bit more then .

Thankyou for your reply