To cope with a sudden death

Everything is so raw, lonely and strange. How do people cope?

Dear Hwebb

It is hard- very hard after a sudden unexpected death as we are dealing with the shock and disbelief as well as our grief. When I lost my husband in this way I was told to take tiny steps - which for me was making a list of things to do. I had to distract myself from thinking so had to fill every minute. Absolutely exhausting and experiencing a physical pain of the loss. It is now just over 12 weeks and I am still heartbroken but I am coping better. I still cry a lot and still try not to think but I am making slow progress. There is the old glimmer of hope and cannot plan past a couple of days ahead - but some days are better - and of course some are bad -butit is progress.
Please use this forum to talk to people in the same situation - it has really helped me.
Take care
Trisha xx

Thank you TrishaF
Good idea to take small steps and have a list to fill the time in. I can only keep on thinking about the day, it is heartbreaking to realise too often that my love will never be with me and that I will never be his company in the flesh again. H

The realisation hits me all the time too - and yes it is heartbreaking. Things play over and over again in my mind which is why I fill my time in order to distract me as much as possible - but sometimes the realisation that this is forever is just too much. I will always miss him of that I am certain.

Take care

Trisha x