To my Future self

To my Future self…I know there will be death along the way which I’m sure no matter how prepared you for nothing can take the pain away or numb it I’m actually looking forward to the future now I know you are probably wondering why I’m looking forward to the future because we are the future we might have lost our hope our sense of direction when we lose any one but we keep going if not for our selfs or them then what the hell are fighting for? Freedom the will power to wake up and breath the ability to scream when you are feeling overwhelmed I miss certain people that have passed away I feel empty and alone but for some reason as alone as I am and feel I’m still looking forward to the future even with death surrounding us ready to touch us with it’s cold hands yet we stand and remain strong we may feel and seem completely destroyed and broken yet we remain we push and push to make a better version of our self our future is looking brighter then others because of such suffering and pain we endure we are more then well enough to talk about what’s happening in our life we already in the future because we make plans for days that we have no idea how ruthless it can be to us or how wonderful it can be to others yet we remain I’m looking forward to the future so I can still talk about the ones I miss while feeling more proud and accomplished


Thank you for sharing these inspiring words with with, @Msmaldonado :blue_heart:

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I couldnt agree more, I wrote a similar post some time ago about being positive for the future, without forgetting the joy we have had in the past.

I got many supportive replies (but sadly some highly critical responses from people who argued its best to spend the rest of our lives in grief and pain) which I ignored.

What I found very helpful is to write down a plan of what would be important for me to achieve. Ive achieved the majority of these objectives, but I still remember my wife, very often with a smile. My 50 years with her were brilliant.

Good luck with your future, it can only be as good as you make it.