To my husband - my love

My husband, my Chris, my love

Today we should have been celebrating your 60th birthday, yet you will remain 59 years young forever more.

Wishing you were here today even just for a while, so I could say happy birthday, see your smile, hold you tight and tell you how much I love you.

It will be a day filled with memories of happiness, of birthdays that we shared throughout the amazing years we had together, and many tears of missing you to the depths of my soul.

I love you. Always have. Always will.

Your wifey, your Rach xx


Ah Rach, it’s so hard. It will be Rich’s 50th on Sunday and I’ll be where you are today. Keep going, as hard as it is we keep waking up every day and getting through it. x


Aw … that really touched my heart :heart: so lovely … its so damn hard without that connection with our loved one ! The man we loved, adored … hope youre ok ? I have that to come in october … and my husband was just 60.too …too young !
You remember after lockdown government said that there would be lots of cases of illnesses like cancer etc that had gone undetected … i fear we are part of that statistic :frowning: xxx


Ah Rachael, first birthdays not here are really tough it was Bri’s 13th august. But you got through, with thinking about lovely memories.
@Ali29 itll be a tough day too, especially with all the things you were planning to do.
@Deb5 another big milestone to get through, 60 is no age, so many taken far too young.
Lots of love to you all xxx


That’s so harsh @Deb5 60 is no age at all. My partner will forever be 49, when I’m 80 and looking at a picture of him, how weird will that be! I really hope I don’t last that long! :face_holding_back_tears:


It is so harsh … sad innit ! Such a lovely man too ! Such a very sad loss for me but we are all the same on here … hard for us all … :frowning: i fought tooth and nail to keep him here but i didnt succeed … its just rubbish really - this life we get landed with - but we dont have any choice do we ? We have to do it for them i suppose , or at least try to live some sort of damn life … :frowning: xxx my puppy helps but none of this is easy is it ? Xx