Today I..

Today I Today I was on the bus going to my local hospital and all of a sudden memories of being on the bus, at the bus stop at the hposital with my auntie and my fiance. I remembered sitting in the hospitals bus stop when we we were waiting one late night for the bus when my Uncle was admitted to the day ward. I was sat looking at this bus stop with its sad, broken chair and lob sided bus timetable sign on my own, nobody around for a few mins and I was looking and trying to remember the conversation we had together. The bus never showed up if i remember correctly so we headed up to the main road to catch the number 6 bus home. It was funny as we were laughing as we could see my uncles ward from there and noticed that people could actually see in the mirrored window of his bay lol

I just sat there and reminisced about her and that day. Then i snapped out of it as a lady came and sat with me. We got talking as she was on about smoking, can i spoke here she said. I was like ‘‘yeh go ahead its a free country.’’ We sat chatting after that and turns out she has cancer and we also talked about how people say things like im so sorry and that. I also told her iwas off work and she asked what i do and for that split moment I forgot my own problems…

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Thanks for sharing this with us, @Lossngreif1. I’m just giving your thread a gentle, “bump” :blue_heart:


Sorry for your loss :heart:

It’s good having a chat with people it really helps taking your mind of things

Hope you are doing ok.

Sending hugs :hugs: