Today is mums birthday

So today mum should be 57. She died aged 55, so just under 2 years ago. She worked hard, she had custody of my older sisters children whilst my older sister went off the rails. My mum was diagnosed with diabetes, she didn’t look after herself, she always looked after others. She was overweight and developed a sore on her tummy. She went into hospital, which had never happened her whole life since giving birth. They said she would be ok, but she wasn’t. The diabetes that she had not taken seriously took over, she then had a flesh eating bug from the wound, she was operated on and never recovered. We had to decide to stop treatment and let her go. I don’t understand why, she gave everything to everyone and nothing to herself. She was petrified of being put to sleep and never waking, it’s a blessing she never knew but it just doesn’t seem right. For all of us here, it never seems right does it.

Dear Sphinx,

Your mum was still so young. She sounds like someone with a very big heart full of love for those around her. Losing her must have left such a huge empty place in your life and also in that if your sister’s children. Sending a big virtual hug your way for today. Jo