Today it hit me

I lost my fiancé 6 weeks ago today. I’ve been in a state of shock since just pottering on as best I can. But today it seems to have hit me. I’m not going to get him back, I’ll never spend time with him again and I just want that life back so much. I haven’t left the house, just can’t face it. I was so happy we spent 24 hours a day together but were never bored. It’s lonely and a life I just don’t want to lead. I have to go on as I now know life is precious and carries on whether you are here or not. People around me help a bit but I know it is awkward for them to know what to do. My daughter is due home from school soon and so I need to pull myself together for her. I’m staying with a friend and their house had never been so tidy, I’m just trying to distract myself. I guess some days are better than others but this day isn’t one of them.

sorry for your loss and that today its hit you bigtime.sadly your not on your own in this traumatic situation of losing a loved on.we all try find ways to cope,some are a tad lucky that they can find comfort and carry on with their every day lives.others well im in that category just cannot stop feeling emotional or handle the loss of their loved one.good luck and I hope you are getting help from family and friends

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Thank you Ian for your words. I like your tribute you had for your loved one. I hope it makes you feel closer to them. I’m not so brave so I just finishing a cross stitch dragon picture he asked me to do for him. I was halfway through when he passed. They don’t have a grave stone or memorial for him in his religion so that will be my own private one. Thank you Rosie.

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yvw Rosie,and thank for your kind words about my tribute to Jayne.
good luck with finishing your cross stitch picture of a dragon.
ian x

I lost my fiance and it’s a pain I have never felt before never being able to just sit and talk to them again people say it gets easier but I lost him on June and right now I feel the same pain as the day he passed away I was the same as you pull myself together for the kids coming home I hope you find a way to manage how you feel x

I hope you manage too but it’s not easy. I think we are mourning a life we should have had, it was all planned out now broken. I’m 44 and people say you have so much time left and must get over this but it’s not easy. Now I have to look for a new life I never even wanted or expected to have to look for. My daughter keeps me going as I hope yours do too.

Yes I think that aswell am 27 and feel like I am lucky I am still here but feel I have a long life having to feel this empty feeling and can’t ever see me getting over it as it’s the worse feeling to wake up to every day yeah am sure your daughter has helped you through parts of this x

Yes you go to sleep hoping to wake up and it hasn’t happened but alas they are still not with us. Talking about it does help but no one properly understands till it has happened to them. I missed him so much today I couldn’t even leave the house. Only 8 weeks in but feels like an eternity. I just keep hoping it must get easier and constantly seek help too but to look for help to me shows strength so it must still be in us somewhere…