Today one of these days again

I have received my husband’s health files today to forward them for a travel insurance claim. My plan: go home, read through the file, scan it, and email it to the travel insurance. Reality: I put the file by the site out of my sight and I am crying. Hopefully tomorrow I can scan and forward them. Will it ever stop? I am missing him so much. Sending a lot of love and hugs to all.


That is so tough. I cancelled a Jet2 holiday and they offered me a voucher for almost the whole amount. So i took it and have booked a holiday with my daughters and 5 of my grandchildren. Its at the start of the summer holidays so hope i can take some pleasure from it. I keep putting off admin tasks. I need to contact virgin mobile but am dreading it. You will sort when you are ready to.


All those phone calls are hard.
But when I told each company I phoned the circumstances they put be through to their bereavement departments. And all of them had kind and understanding people who did their best to help.
So I’m sure Virgin has the same.
I’d advise you just to ask straight away to speak to their bereavement dept.
Hopefully it might make it a little bit more bearable.
Big hugs :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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@Cathphil , thanks, yes some have been really good. Here’s hoping virgin will be too.


Well Tesco phones were fantastic , wrote his new phone costs off , he paid for mine as well so gave me a month free to sort out funeral things to Southern Ireland . I think they are all trained to handle bereavement ( well I hope they are ) xxx


So good to hear
I too had similar good experiences, with a number of companies. Understanding , months free insurance, money back , etc…

It was good to know that people and even big companies policies were to help and understand.

Just some little bit of support and help through our nightmares

Love and hugs to you all :heart::heart::hugs::hugs:

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My sister in law lost her husband to covid at home unexpectedly approx 2 years ago , they owed a lot on a car but the company let it go , some businesses are great and should be commended tbh . Not easy jet though !! My son had to sent a copy of marts death cert to say couldn’t travel to Edinburgh from Bristol due to bereavement and funeral , no refund because it wasn’t the ticket holder who had died !!! He can re use but very upsetting !!! X