Today we are two – a thank you from me

It’s been two years since this Online Community launched. In that time, it has grown immensely – in our second year, we had more than twice as many visits and posts as in our first. I think this just goes to show how many people out there are struggling with grief and looking for support.

It is sad to think just how many people have been through a terrible loss in those two years. But I am glad that more of you are finding this site, so that you can connect and support each other.

From me and all of us here at Sue Ryder, I wanted to say a big thank you to each and every one one of our users for being part of this community. I never fail to be touched by the support you give each other and by the honest and heartfelt things that you write. Every post that you write helps many more people to feel less alone in what they are going through.


Hi Priscilla this special club to me makes me feel part of life and not isolated .I thankyou and all your staff and all the members on here for not making me feel alone .Colin



a thank you from me too. This forum has seen me through some terrible days and nights and the friendship plus support received have been a saving grace. Being able to come on here and find someone to talk to or share experiences with has meant so much to me.

As Colin says, thank you for not making me feel alone.


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I too am more than thankful for this siteits does not lessen the pain.but at least you know you are not alone.thank you sue rdyer and Priscilla.Annette.

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Thank you too, Priscilla and Sue Ryder. We cannot change what has happened but you help us live with ourselves.

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I visit this site most days at all hours and through tears…its given me great comfort to know I am not the only one feeling the way I do. There’s always someone who knows how you are feeling and that has been a blessing…Thank you all x

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Thank you all so much for those lovely comments - I’ll pass these on to the rest of the team here at Sue Ryder. It is so wonderful to hear that the site is helping you all feel less alone - that is just what we hoped to achieve.

This sight got me through the first few months,I don’t know what would of happened to me if I never had it.I look in from time to time as I’m still feeling the pain of loosing my wounderful husband but seeing all the new people makes me so will all in time get through this journey life will never be the same again for all of us but it does get better

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Hi Skylark, it is nice to hear from you again and to hear that things are getting a little better for you. Glad the community could be here for you in the early days when you needed it the most.