Told Off

Things I miss…apart from the obvious. Sitting here on my own on Sunday evening eating a sad solo Sunday roast I started thinking about other things…like my Sandie telling me off for not wiping the cooker splash back after cooking…walking on the floors after mopping…having yet another glass of wine after dinner…not emptying the swing bin when it smells…leaving a tissue in my jeans before washing…so many things… that I alone am now responsible for…so wish I could be told off again :pensive:


Aah yes the things we miss and wish we could have back. We have no one now to tell us off . The things that are unique to our relationship with our partners.
It’s an odd existence we now live isnt it . Whose going to keep us in check :smiling_face_with_tear:


Strange how little things, even things that annoyed you at the time, are the things you miss - it’s what made them, them

As much as I miss the quiet loving moments, I miss the bickering
As was said, no one to keep us in check