Is my wife s birthday the first one I will have missed in 43 years.
And all I can say is I can’t cope
I can’t doo this no more
My life has no meaning
I’m trying to be strong for other people
But I dont even want to be strong anymore.
Being strong is killing my soul
Without her has no point
There’s no were to go no place to be.
It just will never get any better.


Oh Fred, I’m so sorry, the first anniversary is so hard, she would want you to be strong, have you got family around to support you ? Please go and see your GP or at least speak to them, it sounds as if you need help to come to terms with the loss of your wife, it will get easier, but grieving is the price we pay for loving someone, sending love Jude xx

Dear Fred, I am so sorry for your loss, you are not alone, like you my pain is unbearable. For me it has been eight months since I lost my husband, I wish I could give you some comfort but I am struggling too.

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I am so sorry - it really is a position that none of us wanted to be in. The only comfort I have is that my wonderful husband will not have to go through this pain. Some days are so hard you just need to take it breath by breath. I find getting outside helps - putting one foot in front of the other reminds you to keep on plodding on and nature is healing. There is no short or easy path through this, we just have to support each other to keep on going.

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all the good things turn into something I dread when my soulmate is gone. And it is not going to end the rest of my life.
Life sucks.

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