Tomorrow : MARCH 22nd 2020

Tomorrow will be Mothering Sunday.

To all those for whom the day will be tinged with sadness and grief, can I send my love and the reassurance that the love between a mother and child never dies. If bereavement has prevented us from sending a card or receiving a token ourselves, it can never rob us of the love we received or did our best to give. Please try to remember the happy times and gain solace from them.

In addition, tomorrow will not be “normal”. The current crisis will mean that, tomorrow, mothers can only be celebrated from a distance and both children and parents will be full of anxiety about the future. If you would like to join in the National Call to Prayer, please light a candle in the windows of your home at 7pm tomorrow evening…this is a Churches Together in England initiative in the hope that all of us, whatever our beliefs, may find comfort and unity by joining together to shine light into the darkness.

Please take care…keep safe and just do what we all try to do on this site…help each other in our time of need. X


Thank you so much. My first Mother’s Day without my mum I have spent the most of this morning in tears. With a heavy heart. This situation is making it all feel so much worse for those that have lost loved ones. I’ll light a candle for my dear mum tomorrow. I’ll play her favourite song. And I’ll whisper I love her and know she will hear me.

Thank you for your beautiful kind words.


Thank you so much for this, I do hope many, many will light a candle in the windows, I shall, not just for my mum or me but for all mothers both alive and gone. Blessings to all and please keep safe.

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Hello everyone. I to have shed a year this morning. Mother Day without my beautiful son. I so wish he was here. Love and strength to everyone who has lost a child or their mum…x


They are always in our hearts and they will be there forever,love never dies…
Stay strong xx

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I put a candle in my window at 7p.m. and I did find it gave me comfort. Can we do it anytime do you think.
Pat xx

Most definitely Pat. I put a candle in my front window after my son died as I wanted a light in the window in case he came home. 20 months on I still have it there. It’s solar powered so it starts flickering about 7pm. I find it comforting. We have to take comfort anywhere we can in this life we’re living. Take care xx

Thanks for your reply. I was surprised at the comfort putting a candle in the window did for me. Perhaps it was the Natural Call to Prayer and the thought of so many more people praying. I don’t think it had anything to do with Mothering Sunday as my family have never really acknowledged it. I will be lighting that candle much more often now.

I have just thought that from now a candle ever night because of the state we are in. Please, all, take care and do what we have been told, stay at home.
Blessings to everyone xxx

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