The thought of waking up to December tomorrow is unbearable can I wake up in January please


@Sah28 I’m with you on that one. I can’t believe we’re almost in December. Where has this year gone? My Niece is 13 on 2nd & I’m even dreading that. Thinking of everyone newly bereaved this year. I’m glad I found this website. Xx

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We lost him in May suddenly, still waiting on answer from our coroner still open investigation in Belgium then suddenly it’s December.
Its a big dread tomorrow can’t bring myself to get the kids calendars out or that dam elf
But know I must
Hope you as good as you can be x

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@Sah28 I swear officials drag things out longer than necessary, it then taints & impedes everything else, including your fondest memories as you constantly relive events. I hope you at least get answers & not more questions. Christmas seems such an effort this year. X

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We were told up to 6 months it’s been 6 and a half but still waiting on this that and the other hopefully soon.
It just doesn’t feel right but need to try and keep it normal for the kids. Is this your first one x

@Sah28 Yep, Dad died in March on the day he was being discharged from hospital. I’d gone to supervise it as I didn’t believe a word they said at that point. Walked in on him dying….I hope your investigation isn’t too much longer then🤞🏻

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It’s hard, it was my husband I lost in May.
First are always going to difficult x

I can’t believe you are still in limbo so sorry for you xx

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Had an assessment with a counsellor and she said too much has happened and my brain is unable to process it, she said I will struggle to move forward and I’ve been offered counselling starting January but I don’t think it will help till we get closure.
But we all have to keep battling on x