I lost my wife in June 2020 to leukaemia and cover, 2 days after my wife funeral I went out on my motorbike to try clear my head, and I went headfirst into a on come bus, in a way I was glad and hoped I would join jen, unlucky I pulled through but to add to my pain of losing jen I now learning to work again, I over dosed twice and still no luck, how’s does anyone cope, wen on my own I look back over the wonderful life we had together we had some ups and downs we had 4 children we got 15 grandchildren 1 on the way 1 great grandchildren and twins on the way, I know I have a lot to live for but I always thought me and jen would grow old together, the last word jen said to me is she dint not want to die yet and I promised her she wouldn’t for a long time yet so I lied to her because she is not ere and I feel so guilty and thats why it feels wrong for me to enjoy the rest of my life, could any tell me is there away forward or not. Thanks for taking time to read this and any advise would be great.

Hi so sorry for your loss and what is happening to you.
My first year without mick is in March I’m a nurse and thought I could cope but I could not and had to seek support through counselling and talking to my GP. It’s hour by hour yes you have things to live for your children and grandchildren that’s what keeps me going. Please get some support from people who understand grief.
Take care keep talking in here I find myself on here a lot the last month x

Hi Kim
I get help from my GP she as give me names to ring wen I do rather says sorry we don’t deal with that sort or never ring back so come to a dead end now but thanks for the advice tony

Sue Ryder does counselling there is a waiting list hope you get sorted with something
Take care x

Hello Tony, welcome to this group, you will find that many of us feel the way you are feeling today. My loss is quite recent but I have found some comfort in sharing my situation with others on here, if only to get out just how I am feeling, which is something we tend not to share with family and friends for fear of upsetting them. I haven’t yet, but when services are up and running again, I am going to refer myself for face to face counselling. I did this once some years ago and whilst it can’t bring a loved one back, it helped me to share my loss and pick up on the many reasons I have to move forward. There is help out there, we just need to use it. I wish you well Tony and hope you find the support you need. :raised_hands::raised_hands: