Too hard

Life seems to be getting harder. I lost my husband on Christmas Eve 2020 and I had to wait 3 weeks, before his funeral. Just when I started to think I was on a place I could handle I received a letter from work asking if I was feeling better (I’m not it ill), they told me they are reducing my salary to 50% and they hoped to see me back in work in the near future. Just what I didn’t need, I need my salary to pay my bills, I’m not in a good financial position. I can’t understand how they think I can stand up in front of a class of students without losing my emotions. Why is life so bloody hard. I’ve lost my husband of 40yrs not a damn cold :sob::broken_heart:

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Dear Kazza

So, so sorry for your loss.

I lost my husband in September (together 42 years and married over 38). I was spared the letter from work but first they called me the week after his funeral to ask if I had decided what days I would like to work when I came back. Then they put in place fortnightly welfare calls which I found stressful. They always wanted an update on progress towards the inquest with me having to remind them that this was being led by the police not myself. Although a few short years off retirement age I decided to leave my job - Ian and I had discussed this before the crash which took his life

My nephew’s wife was the funeral director and told me about the bereavement grant and some other ways to try and reduce the bills like the reduction in the council tax.

I am just so tired of people asking me if I feel better - as you say it is not a cold or illness, we are grieving for the person we love.

Take care. xxx

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I have over 5 years till I reach retirement age, we don’t own our own home so I need to work to pay the bills, otherwise I would leave the job.

The letter is only the 2nd time I’ve heard from work since my husband died. I’ve worked there for 18 yrs I expected better from them.

Stay safe xx

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