Too much grief

5 years my step dad died. 4 years ago my boyfriends sister died. 3 years ago my boyfriends mother died who was also my best friend 2 years ago my boyfriend died and last year my mum died. And 2 days ago I found out my friend aged 26 died. I thought I was coping with the grief but now I am feeling so overwhelmed. I cant cope with all this sadness. I am haunted by the images of finding my mum and boyfriend. I cannot control my emotions as i sob day and night.

so sorry for your hard times foxy.

Ive just lost mother and younger brother in a month.

lost the will to live just now.keep strong.

Dear Foxyenglishlass,

You have had so much to cope with in the last 5 years. I can totally understand that this latest loss of your friend has left you feeling sad and overwhelmed.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about 9 deaths in 4 years where I described some of my experiences. When you go through multiple losses, it feels like each loss brings up all the emotions of the previous one(s).

Do you have any one left who you can share your feelings with, maybe a sister or one of your daughters-in-law?

I saw in your profile that you are studying psychology and counseling. Would you be able to get support from one of your tutors? They may also be able to advice you on strategies on dealing with the images that are haunting you.

It is good that you have come to this site. I hope that you will feel less alone when you read through the posts and replies of others on this site who have gone through losses.


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Bless you , my heart goes out to you, grief can take us to places you didn’t think possible but keep talking please don’t bottle things up

I have been left traumatised by my dads death in Jan but by trying to process it will help to being able to more forward and in time happy memories will come back to you


Its hard brother moved in with mum due to Alzheimers and was there 24/7 for years.

this was his time to carry on with his life and live his dreams but he got taken in 2 days before mother passed.

life is so cruel

I’m sorry for your loss. Hugs to you.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply. My daughter in law lives abroad and we dont talk. My others sons girlfriend is only 26 so dont feel I can burden her. I do talk to my youngest son but try not to worry him about how I’m feeling. I am looking for ways to cope that’s why I reached out to this group. I will check your post. Sorry for your losses. Hugs to you

Thank you for your message. I’m sorry for your loss. Hugs to you

Life is cruel. I’m sorry for your losses. Hugs to you

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