Too much loss

Last year I lost my younger brother to covid… this year, the end of May my older brother died of cancer, it was so quick, 4 weeks after telling us he was gone. Then 2 weeks after that my mum died. I really am struggling sometimes, I try not to show how depressed I am, but sometimes I really feel I can’t cope. I miss them all, but I’m finding it especially hard that my older brother has gone, I really can’t bear it not being able to see him or message him anymore. When will the pain of it all go away.

Hello Treas, what a lot has happened to you over such a short time. Losing one special person is hard but oh I do feel for you. It is not a surprise that you feel depressed and low but I wonder if you have thought about counselling because if anyone should need help it’s some who has gone through what you have suffered. Life without those special people around will be very hard to deal with, so please think of yourself. Be kind to yourself and think about your future and how this new life will have changed you and how to survive without those lovely people. Sue Ryder or Cruse are very good and are free so please think about yourself and take care. S xxx

Hi Susie
Thank you for your reply. I will think about counselling. I was told I should have it, but haven’t seen anyone yet.
Thank you again.