Too much to bear…

I have just lost my husband on 31/1/2022… the love of my life… and struggling to cope and find meaning in my life now… he was only 61 and I’m 55… I feel so cheated out of time with him. And I lost my Mum in September 2021 and my Dad 7 weeks later in November 2021… just feel heartbroken… I don’t know how to continue…


Oh Anne I can’t offer anything unfortunately apart from my condolences and blessings as no one should have to go through all that loss in such a short space of time.

The Samaritans will be able to offer some practical help.

I just wanted to acknowledge your losses and your pain

Suzanne x

@Anne13 hi Anne I am so deeply sorry for your losses and that you are going through this heartbreak. I lost my partner in April 2021 and both my parents many years ago. I hope you have support around you. You will find support here from people that understand. Take one day at a time. Sending hugs x