Too much to cope with

I lost my husband if 30 years 18 months ago very suddenly. 6 months after that my son in laws brother committed suicide at the age of 25, this year my mother in law died at the end of April and I have had to arrange the funeral as there is no one else and finally my daughter had a beautiful baby boy who was suddenly rushed to hospital within 24 hours of birth and underwent emergency surgery - amazingly he has survived.
I feel that I can’t take any more it is all so overwhelming - just when I think things are getting easier something else happens.
Even though it has been 18 months and I feel I should be ‘getting over ‘ his death I still miss his so much :cry:
The person I wanted to spend my retirement with, to laugh and cry with to just BE with has gone .


What a horrible time you are having. You must feel like a punchbag. I wish I could give you a hug, but hope that knowing we are all here to listen will give you a little comfort. Sending love and cyber-support. Xx

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That is exactly how I feel ! Thank you for your support x

Hi @Jenny6
As you know on this forum you will get love and support from everyone.
You’ve been through so much it just doesn’t seem fair.
But thank goodness that your Grandson is okay
Love and hugs x