Too Soon?

My wife’s funeral was on Thursday and today I went to visit the grave. I had a complete melt down as I stood beside the unsettled soil. Should I have waited longer or is there never a good time to visit? So many thoughts other than those of pure loss such as did I pick the right place for he final rest. It is beautiful there, but always so many doubts such as because she was born in Germany should I have returned her there.

I also took one of her beloved German Shepherds with me. Some things make you wonder. He was quite unruly until we reached the grave at which point he simply lay beside it and sighed.

Hi Trevour im very sorry for your loss .Only you can answer that question to your personal nightmare .What i will say is this keep coming back here this wonderful site has people at different stages in there nightmare this site never closes .Take care Colin

Hi Trevor, your wife’s funeral must have been a nightmare to endure but you got through it.

I know you are beating yourself up about things, what ifs and why? I’m doing it myself. I bet you gave your lovely wife a wonderful send off and visiting her grave so soon was something that you needed to do. I know it looked horrendous but the whole thing is horrendous for you. With time the grave will settle and you can make it as you want it.

Dogs are very intuitive, sounds like your 4 legged friend loved his mum and I bet he will give you a lot of comfort in days to come. Be kind to yourself. Jackie