Woke up this morning, eyes opened and boom back on the roller coaster of grief, just such a burden to carry, it’s a bum deal the price we pay for loving someone, absolutly my worst time actually opening my eyes it’s scary to some degree. Rest of the day i muddle through it, walking, visiting, crying, endless. But theres got to be a way through this, spomehow there’s just got to be a way through it. It absolutly worse thing, I wish she was here and left me for some other person at least I’d have hope. To see her again or get back together but there’s just nothing.

Ian, take care guys
Sorry people I’m just in one of those moods :broken_heart::broken_heart:


Hi Ian,
Yes me too, the exact same feeling when I woke up this morning as you’ve described it’s relentless this grieving rubbish. The only way I get through it is to write down where I can escape to for a while even if it’s the most mundane thing as getting a paper and a pint of milk. The whole thing of carrying on without the love of your life is rubbish and I have stopped telling folk who ask ‘how are you’ that it’s awful and just say ‘yes I’m fine’ as unless they’ve been there they have no idea.
On my list today is… Paper , milk , bag of compost and go and see a friend who isn’t well sadly. Thinking of you and all on this tedious journey. You are not on your own feeling like this.
Love Jenny


Hi ian its such a sad feeling its been 8 months for me i do have good days but im just so sad sometimes it overwhelms me your not alone take care xx


It’s cruel to be honest xx thanks for the response

My wife gained her wings back in February and I still dread my alarm going of to start the same routine all over again


Bless you all guys, love and hugs to you :heart::heart:

how true is this


Yes. Exactly how I feel. 3 weeks today for me x

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