Totally alone

I’m leaving Ireland tomorrow after we buried my Mum last Thursday. I’ll be returning to Mum’s house in London that we shared for the past 15 years. The loneliness is already destroying me. People including family are telling me to ‘stay strong’ ‘be kind to myself’ and all other cliched lines. No one seems to understand how alone I am in this. Everyone has someone, Partners, Kids and I’m alone, I have no one, all I had was Mum. At the end of the day I am totally alone, when I put the key in the door tomorrow I’ll be entering an empty house. I am physically and emotionally alone. I don’t know how to handle it. I’m so totally and completely alone.

Hi clarey
I too am completely alone. I was mums 24/7 carer and it was sudden a week before xmas. My siblings all have familys and live away. I dont hear from them. I am in mums house with all her things and hardly able to get out of bed. Sending hugsx

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Pam2 again
Just ventured to the local shops and came back destroyed. I was so used to getting mums kidney friendly food to cook and it was soul destroying going around the aisles with all the familiar rhings

Didnt mean to finish there. I am now back in her bedroom the only place i sit. I cant imagine going out again i feel so bad.x

Dear Clarey,
I am so sorry that you are going through all this alone, I know what it is like to live alone, apart from my Springer Spaniel, Polly. It is agony, grief. We have 2 children who each live about 80 miles away in opposite directions, both of them have been marvellous in their support. However, with work commitments they come when they can. We have a grandson, and a great grandson, our grandson lives near his mum with his partner and baby. I do understand how you are feeling, Clarey. Please continue to post and let us know how you get on.
MaryL. x

You will pam.
It’s still such early days for you. Its 8 and a half months for me and although my mum is on my kind every second of my waking day, I am beginning to fu action again. I can watch tv and lose myself in a book. I can do my job pretty well again.
There are things I still cant do such as listen to music or walk round the shops but very, very slowly I’m getting there.
I think the best way to cope with this pam, is to accept it’s going to take a long time. Once you do, the pressure is off x