Totally lost without my mum

My beautiful mum passed away on Christmas day 2021, so not very long ago. I’m finding it a real struggle to come to terms with the loss of my mum also she was my best friend, we spent so much time together, I’m totally lost without my lovely mum. I speak to her lot’s of times every day. At the moment it seems like it will never get easier, I know my mum would hate to think I’m really unhappy, but I love her so so much and miss her every second of every day. :heart:


Hi Steve,

I am so sorry to hear of your recent loss and having lost my mum in Dec there I can feel your pain.
Like you my mum was my best friend and latterly shared a house together…just the two of us. Now it’s just me and like you I miss her so much. I just want one last mum cuddle :cry:

I’ve been having a few better days recently even up til this afternoon I was good but then I came home and had no one tell about my good day so got upset :sob:

Do you have family or friends you can talk to that either remember your mum or can just be honest with how you feel?

I do hope your better days start to outnumber your bad ones but feel free to tell us about your mum if you want as it’s nice to talk about them.

Take care and be kind to yourself,

Suzanne x


Hi Suzanne, I’m so sorry for the loss of your mum. I lived with my mum for the past couple of years and took her back and forward to hospital fir chemotherapy treatment. My mum rang the bell after all of her treatment but unfortunately the cancer came back. My mum always had a massive smile and never moaned about her illness. I was her carer for almost three years and looked after at home until she passed away on Christmas day. I’ve never been a big fan of Christmas, but now I will look forward to it to celebrate my beautiful mum’s life. I do have two sisters and a brother also other family members. I’m like you, I now live alone in my mum’s flat. Thank you for your lovely reply, I really appreciate it. Take care. Regards Steve


Hi Steve thankyou for taking the time to reply, it was 18months from diagnosis to losing my dad and we had him at home with us where he was surrounded by myself, my sisters and my mum. I have some of my dad’s ashes in a necklace and I lost my little boy in Dec 2009 he was stillborn so some of my dad’s ashes are buried with him so this brings a little comfort. I’m so sorry about your mum and I know how incredibly hard it is. Nothing we do will ever take the sadness we feel away but I think talking on here helps. I don’t think we get over this grief we just learn to live along side it in our everyday lives. I Time things become a little easier to cope with xx

We have decided to have mum’s ashes buried sometime next month. It will be somewhere for me to visit mum and take flowers and chat with her. I slept on a mattress by the side of my mum’s bed for the last few weeks of her life. I actually enjoyed looking after mum, I know she wouldn’t have been taken care of as much if she was in hospital ,I know they don’t have the time or enough staff. Take care Lorraine that’s also my sisters name.
Regards Steve xx


It will be nice for a place you can go to, that’s a lovely idea Steve, it’s not a very common name what are the chances of that! We cared for my dad at home also as that is where he wanted to be and what we all wanted too xxx

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