Totally Lost

It’s now been 7 months since I lost my soulmate David. People keep telling it gets better. WHEN HOW. I’m so lost without him. We had been together since both being 17. Married for 47 years. We were inseparable and now there is just nothing. Don’t know how to move on.

I still think he will pull up on drive and walk in with his lovely blue eyes and smile.

I don’t know when or if it will get better but I no we all have to hope that it will it’s been just over 6 months for me. Iam still going in to that dark place I try to remember the good times the thing that make me smile but I just don’t like people telling me it will get better because it will take as long as it takes some days are black and some are Gray but no days are right without Alan and I don’t think thay will be again thay are just days to be got though take care x

I don’t think we ever get over it we just get through it :cry:

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