Toxic Family

My mum passed away in January last year which was traumatic enough because my Dad had passed in December. Having lost both parents so close was the most brutal trauma I have ever had to deal with. But things turned even more sinister when my sisters bullied me and threw me out of the house. Where I had been my parent’s main carers for years. To this day I do not have anything of my Mums jewellery they took it all . Which makes me sick they never cared when she was alive but took her jewellery . This time last year I was walking the streets cold, emotional, and grieving while they stripped the house and as a result, I now have PTSD. The old saying you can’t choose your family well they are no longer my family take care everyone kate xxx


Dear @kate88

I am sorry to hear of the loss of your mum last year and for what you have gone through. Grief affects everyone in different ways and at different times. It is a difficult time for everyone.

I do hope you are able to resolve your differences in the future.

Take care.


I am sorry this is the case.
You are not alone.
This is so frequent that it’s normal! I have an awful family too. However I deal with things very firmly and I took the step of cutting them all off - best thing I ever did. I also ensured things were shared out fairly, whether they liked it or not.

What happened to your parent’s house, unless rented? If there is or was an estate of any significance, you are entitled to your share, probably more because you were main carer. How about getting a solicitor? Otherwise don’t waste a moment on that lot, move forward with your life.
I do hope you can .

Kate im so sorry your sisters have treated you so badly. Im sure your parents would have wanted you to have some of your mums jewellery. I always speak as i find but sometimes i just can’t believe what humans do. Let them get on with it . I believe in karma they will get there’s. Sending a hug.

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Oh you can be sure it comes back on those who do bad things. Only when they experience tragedy do they understand.
I too believe in karma, time rebalances all.
These days I simply whitewash toxic people out of my life, my mind. This means get rid of their phone numbers, block them on Facebook. Then get on with your life on your terms. If they ew family members that keep causing you pain, just limit your contact, become unavailable, vague about your plans. Never tell anyone like that your personal business and above all, never react hastily or be provoked and drawn into a quarrel. Just withdraw.

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