I lost my partner of 28yrs early last April x 6 wks later I lost my father in law x both to covid both caught in hospital what a nightmare x how do we deal with this ??

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Dear Tracey

I am so sorry for your losses. I did not loose my husband because of Covid but you will find so many on this site have suffered losses because of this dreadful virus.

As to how you deal with it. I cannot answer that. My husband died suddenly in September and I am still not able to deal with it. I do find that some days are marginally better than others but grief has a habit of coming back and hitting us all over again. I often find myself in the same despair as the day he died. I was with my husband 42 years and married 38. We have two adult children and at the time of my husband’s death one little grandson. Today I was blessed with another grandson but had no husband to share the celebration with. I cried for joy and I cried for the loss of my husband.

We can only continue on this journey one day at a time.

I will be thinking of you and your son.

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Its so lonely x

Jenny153. I lost my husband of 32yrs we had known each other for 40yrs last April of pneumonia and covid he had been suffering from parkinsons for a few years and had been getting worse but at no point did I think he would die. On the Wed 22 he had stopped eating and by Thurs he was unable to move or breath paramedics came and rushed him to hospital . On Friday morning I was phoned and told my husband had passed away. The shock and pain was terrible I wasn’t able to be with him when he died neither were our two sons. It will be a year since he died next Sat and my grief is as raw now as it was then how do you get over this. People say I will but I can’t see it. Reading all the comments on here have helped to know others feel as I do