trapped in the past

Even before I lost my mum I been trapped in the 80s. I listen to non stop 80s most days. Got a retro console, cry if I see nostalgia videos on Tik Tok, belong to a 70s, 80s group on FB. If I could go back I would, hate today’s world and what it stands for. It’s not my time period no more and struggle to relate to it. Then I lost my mum August last year.


Hi, I’m 24 and also HATE how the world is. Can not stand it, really!! It’s okay to think about the past but you literally can not to anything nor to change the future, we have no control. My advice is just do what ever and I mean DO WHAT EVER you want to make you feel any bit of a happier emotion. Nobody is thinking about you apart from yourself. Maybe look into groups that are around the happier times like the 80’s? I’m sure there are a lot of people who hate how the world has changed. Here if you want a chat :slight_smile:

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Thank You, yeah it’s very tough now. The lack of compassion does me and isolated today’s world has made people feel.

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lack of everything from people is just soul destroying, it is horrible but you are not alone

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i feel the way, I was born in the 90s i feel things back then was so simple including people. like people back the were alot friendlier and now i feel simce losing mum back im december like there was lack of support and compassion and i felt it got even worse after post covid like everything seems like business transaction just alot of give and take. no one doing things out of the goodness of their heart. i feel like every thing has a price. i just miss how things use to be, when thinking how my mum and dad how as family how we use to be happy even when we had nothing. now looking at the world i dont relate to it at all like i dont where my place is in the world, when mum was here it made alot of sense she was my strength to take on anything and now that she is gone it’s like well whats the point sometimes.
after her death all of the old movies on tv that we watched came on the things we watched and then all the 90s things that would crop up in my social media like fb and I start getting tearful as it would relate to memory of my mum. i wish i could go back in time just hug my mum and tell her how much i love her would mean the world to me but i hate having to wake up to reality. it just sucks, the world now seems to a very cold and cruel place to live now. i rather go back to the time period where it was just simple with me and mum not this.


Me too. Thank you for writing this.

I couldn’t agree more with you, I carry on from day to day. My time was the late 70s and 80s. I can’t relate to this world either. So heartless and cruel! My worst fear I be on my own forever till I die a invisible alien in a alien world.

So what’s the answer ? to our predicament ?