Today has been a bad day, could not put my finger on why this day is worse than any other, got on with work, did the new usual when got home, did some bits in my shed, then sat down to watch t.v and just floods of tears, over thinking and not wanting to be here …. Realised I did get call earlier to say my wife’s plaque was ready at crematorium , so guess that was another trigger, now can’t sleep … the circle begins.


I’m sorry yesterday was a bad day for you, @Glyn. I’m sure many of our members will relate to these kind of triggers. I’m just giving your thread a gentle bump - hopefully someone will be along to offer their support.

There are so many triggers - from major events to small seemingly insignificant events.
Some of the insignificant events are worse as you don’t expect them to have the impact they do.

It’s a minefield that just can’t predict and have to take it day at a time

Glyn ,
So very sorry for your loss ,totally understand how some days are worse than others ,
I feel like i am on a rollercoaster ride, so many ups and downs ,
Lost my husband October 2022, and i still have meltdowns,
Dreading 25th March, as that is the date we met many years ago ,
I will most likely be visiting his grave ,
Hope you have family and friends nearby for support,
Take care,

Can’t stop crying tonight , just walked out with the dog for an hour, calmed down a bit, then a neighbour just asked how I was and now indoors back to square one , special days are going to be really bad I can tell now. These times are just too much

@Glyn our brains have to try and process and filter what’s happened whilst our emotions just can’t. I hope the 2 eventually sync together where we can remain somewhat stable. In the meantime it’s about trying to be in the present moment. All we can do is go with the flow and not resist what comes up. Such a shit journey to be on

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It is that x