Watching “Maudie” was triggering today. When she said “we are like two odd socks” I thought yes that is exactly how it was. Two oddballs. Suddenly I thought one leg of a pair and lost other half just like he had one of his feet amputated for nothing dying of heart attack or broken heart :heart: all so symbolic.
Felt he died a cripple and started off an athlete as a strong young man who ended up maimed and so weak.

It is really weird the things that trigger
your emotions and feelings of pure grief. I went into a supermarket today that i dont use very often and while loking at the reduced counter , i came across slabs of Cherry Cake. My huusband loved this type of cake and i usually got it for him at this time of year. He always said ",You can have My cherry now " I felt myself welling up and hurriedly opened the cabinet freezer nearby and pretended to look at something . When i calmed down i made a hasty retreat to the car, feeling a bit guilty that i had not bought the usual new year treat.

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