Trouble sleeping

Anyone have any suggestions for trouble sleeping? Since my mum died 6 weeks ago I have been suffering from insomnia, my GP prescribed sleeping pills but they don’t work. Thanks xx

I have tried Guided Sleep Meditations on YouTube, which often concentrate on breathing and provides a focus to stop my mind racing when I wake up in the night.

It might not work for everyone but might be worth a try

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Thanks will give it a try x

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Had a slightly better sleep last night, only woke up twice. Still feel exhausted, just been out for a walk to clear my mind and feel awful now. Yoga class this afternoon, hopefully that will make me feel better x

Hi @Victoria22

Soory for your loss.

My sleep is awful as well. I’m trying not to use sleeping pills too much. I have sleep headphones and use the Calm app. It has sleep music, meditation, sleep stories. I love the sleep stories and listen to the non fiction ones. That way, if I don’t sleep I’m micro learning instead and this takes the pressure off.

I’m exhusted a lot so I try to just rest - even just for 20 mins. I do this if working from home.

Chamomile tea is helpful to relax before bed as well. And spending a few minutes concentrating on stroking a pet releases dopamine which can help.

It’s the intrusive thoughts that are the worse. And the witching hour between 3-6 am is the worst. I sometimes just get up and listen to a podcast.

I lost dad 5 weeks ago. Mum 14 weeks ago. I’m heartbroken and can empathise with how you are feeling. Big hug :people_hugging: