Try this

This is something simple that I have been doing and some of you on here proberbly already do this,but I find long baths sooth me and is somewhere different from the bed or settee where I’ also spend a lot of time at the moment.I feel that I am floating and I visit all the places that I and my family went to with my husband it feels like we are together again for a while

Hi Skylark - thanks so much for sharing what helps you with the community. So glad that you find taking long baths comforting.

Take care,


Hi Skylark,

baths do it for me too, Just something about them and being able to switch off.

Just been reading your other thread and hope you are home now and feeling better.


HI Mel

Yes I’m home now thankyou for asking,my sister has been so kind but I think k she is trying to hard and then it comes out the wrong are you these days silly question but hope you are finding ways to cope.x

Hi everyone,

Bath sounds a good idea…in my case a shower then either the radio or some jazz CD with a mug of Horlicks until I feel drowsy. Nice a relaxing…

Hi David,

Jaz seems nice,I can’t have radio on yet dont know why but I listen to music my husband likes on his ipod