Trying hard

My lovely wife. 2 months now love, and I miss you more everyday. I’m trying so hard to make you proud, but even with the kids and grandkids around me it’s a lonely journey. I cry everyday in the hope that somehow my sadness will bring you back. I look for signs that you are still with me. Never stop loving me we will be together again. Xxxx

I think we cry because we need to cry. It’s part of the process and I’ve found myself doing things, thinking things and looking at things in the full knowledge that I will cry. It’s a form of release.
Maybe as we live forward we need that less.

Keep going Stevie as we all are,and i know your wife is with you every step of the way x

I too am trying hard, maybe too hard. I know Tim will be proud of me but if I don’t cry I feel like my head is going to explode. The love you shared will never die.

This is so hard. I would never have in a million years thought I could feel such pain, but then again I did not think I would lose my lovely George. He was so full of love and life. I have cried so many tears, not just since he died but before as well when I began to realise how ill he was, but then I still had hope. All that is now gone. I have been brave and watched a short video of George and found it really comforting. Tomorrow I start work again and I am not sure how I will cope, I hate the thought of life carrying on without him. I know the love we shared will never die and I keep reading loads on angels and the afterlife trying to desperately reassure myself that I will see him again. I have always believed in such things, but suddenly I am so scared that it won’t happen, it is all so sad.

Keep digging in mate I’m sure your wife would be very proud of you.
It’s 6 months tomorrow since my wife died and I still cry buckets and like you I’m hating the loneliness.
Take care