Trying to enjoy today

My husband, the absolute love of my life, was diagnosed with a late stage stomach cancer in August. He is having chemo and immunotherapy to extend life. We are trying to make the most of the time but so hard when a) the treatment makes him so poorly 2) hard to not think about the future . Any tips ? Also worry about my 2 teenage children whose hearts are broken as much as mine.

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Cinderella, my thoughts and blessings go to you and your children. It’s very hard watching your loved one go through treatment but the hope is there that things will be improved.
Take each day as through its the last is the only thing I can tell you to do because I wished had done instead of thinking it’s all going to last for ever.
Tell him how much you love him, time and time again and don’t think about the what ‘ifs’.
Keep smiling and hopefully you will come through this dreadful time.
Sorry I can’t say anything about your children because our were older and had lives of there own. I hope others can comment on that.
Please let us know how things goes because I am sending you my love. S xx

I feel your pain my sister was diagnosed with stage 4 signet cell cancer last May and was given 2 months to live with treatment she she got another 7 months even though its hard to see the effects of treatment it gives you more time stay strong and make as much memories as you can sending all my love :heartbeat:

Sue, sending you love and blessings. So sorry and treatment is hard on everyone. Take care S xxx