Trying to fing myself

Lost my soul mate 29th november 2021 my whole world fell apart …now im finding it hard to find myself ,dont like the person im becoming feel like im going off the rails need help x

@Denise05 so sorry for your loss. I think from the moment a loved one leaves us, it changes us forever. I lost my mum 8 days ago and I am finding it so difficult to make sense of anything. My friends are saying all the usual cliché things, which I really don’t want to hear right now. I feel lonely in this journey at the moment and I think it will continue to do so. It is very raw for me still. We haven’t even been able to plan her funeral yet as we’re still waiting for an appointment to register her death.
Looking at your timeline, it confirms what I’ve always thought, there’s no timeline for grieving. I personally think it never ends but we just need to somehow integrate it into our existence on a daily basis. I think there will be days where you can maybe think of all the good memories and maybe even manage a smile but other days may feel like a dark tunnel with no light at the end. All of which is part of the grieving journey, I think.
I think forums like this one is very helpful as we are all supporting one another, without judgement, as everyone on here is trying to cope in one way or another.
Keep posting and keep communicating. Tell us about your soul mate. I think sometimes, talking about a loved one and what they were like, brings a little comfort. Sending you a very big virtual hug xx

Sorry to hear about the loss of your mum …im sending you a virtual hug too.I find it hard to talk about my beloved Rob but so lucky to have so many beautiful memories of us together .i lost my mum 21yrs ago and i miss her everyday so i know how your feeling sending you all my hugs and love x