Trying to get my head around it all

I’m feeling absolutely broken :broken_heart::sob:. When mom was alive, mom & dad made their wills, as I live with them, in a way to try to make sure I would always have a home. They gifted me my 1/3 which is in my name on the title deed, & put special interest in their wills for me to continue living there. But last year, dad decided he wanted to move, & setup home with his new girlfriend. I looked into ways trying to move & find a home of my own, but it’s impossible :woman_facepalming:t2::pensive::worried::sob: I spoke to housing options, & I tried everything, I don’t qualify for council because I part own the house I’m in, if it were to sell I would have enough for a deposit, but not enough to buy, I’m on benefits, so the few places that might give me a mortgage would only give me about £30,000 at most, my benefits won’t stretch to private renting, I would fall just short, despite my disabilities I don’t qualify for supported care, because basically I can wash & dress myself so in their opinion, not severe enough to qualify, :woman_facepalming:t2:… It’s just a nightmare. Dad now lives with his girlfriend at her house, but pops back to collect his post, but yet he complains to people that he never sees me, he’s the one that’s never there :worried:. He’s been making my life hell, last year it was so bad, him berating me, yelling at me, the mental abuse & bullying, I ended up attempting suicide TWICE! The crisis team at the hospital talked with me about what was happening, & said, that for the good of my mental health I need to move out of that house, & away from his mental abuse, but I’ve tried everything, I’m stuck. & to add to my upset, dad has changed his will, cutting me out, & leaving his portion of the house to my sister, who is clearly only interested in his own self-preservation. I’m terrified :scream:. I’m not safe there. He’s done this to punish me, he’s recently conceded that he wouldn’t have enough to buy a house for him & his girlfriend with the 2/3 he’s left with, so is now not selling, I’m trapped.
I’m heartbroken :broken_heart: mom wanted me to have a safe & happy home, & she’s gone, I wish she was here to help me :pensive::sob:. I can’t understand why my dad’s being so cruel.

Also, he wants to be buried with mom, :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: the way he treated her when she was dieing was horrendous, & since her death, he’s done nothing but slag her off, what’s more, he has a new girlfriend now, so why the hell does he want to be buried with mom, :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:GRRR! No f**king way!

It all gets so messy and horrible, doesn’t it :pensive:. I’m sorry you’re going through this. I understand that your boyfriend lives with his parents… is staying with them an option? :yellow_heart:

Hi @Burgled
I sleep over with my boyfriend quite regularly, but his mom has already said there isn’t room for me to live with them. :pensive: It’s all such a mess. I’m scratching round for an “out-of-the-box” way of moving because all the usual options don’t work, I’ve even looked into shared ownership, & affordable housing schemes, but on benefits I just can’t afford it. The only plan B I have in reserve is to buy a garage & live out of that, I know legally I can’t because that’s not what it was built for, but at least I would be out of that house, away from them, & have somewhere to keep my stuff. :worried::woman_facepalming:t2: How did I get here? Where did it all go wrong?

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My auntie and uncle own a caravan and live in that full time. It needs to be on a residential, not a holiday let, site.

Also, you mention inheritance tax, but when a house passes to children it is tax free up to £1 million, as I understand it.


Then again, if you part own where you live, and your dad only stops by to pick up post, isn’t staying there a better option? Less upheaval, and you get to stick with what you know. Can your boyfriend stay over with you when your dad is due to visit? :yellow_heart:

Sadly, I reeeeeeally can’t stand this house any more, too much has happened, & the house is too much for me to handle on my own, though I hear what your saying.
My boyfriend is an absolute sweetheart, but his mental health condition means he can’t handle trecking so far back & forth on the bus like I do, & to be totally honest, his mental health condition makes him vulnerable, I wouldn’t want to put him in the firing line when dad gets nasty. :pensive::woman_facepalming:t2: I know you mean well, & trying to help, but I need a way out of this house :derelict_house:

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Of course; you need to do what’s right for you :yellow_heart:.