Trying to go on

Hello .still missing my partner of 37 years,she passed away 7months ago after heart operations,I’m trying to stay strong for my daughter and beautiful grandchild ,but feel so lost and alone ,I’d just built the house the way she wanted it now seems pointless,sorry for moaning

I’m so sorry to hear how much you are hurting and seven months is no time at all. You say ‘sorry for moaning’ but you are not moaning and you have nothing to be sorry for. MY guess is like all of us you are sad, lonely and hurting so much.
There is no need to ‘stay strong’, share how you feel, release that pain and let those around you give you the comfort you so richly deserve.

Hi I don’t really have anyone feel so alone since mum died have to put an hour aside a week to cry and look through pictures so hard without mum even close friends don’t want to talk about her they just go quiet and act as if I should of got over it by know feel so drained don’t sleep angry with people just think they don’t know what I am going through used to go to mum for advice know so empty she stuck up for me miss her like mad when wi normality happen again watched her die in front of me regret so many things