Trying to go on

I am trying to live, to go on, each day brings a new challenge. I lost my husband and father within a week of each other in March this year, I go on becase of my daughter but feelings begin to overwhelm me and i think whats the point. I don’t feel like a whole person anymore, I miss them so much. I have no siblings, my husbands family are distant, but my daughter is my rock and its because of her that I am still here

And that’s exactly the point MrsO, your daughter. You need each other at this very difficult time. I am so so sorry for your double loss. Of course you no longer feel whole. I lost my husband 18 months ago so know exactly what you mean. We become one so when the other is no longer here we are left feeling half a person. Every day is a battle and I can’t tell you that it gets better, because it doesn’t, but I can tell you that it gets different as we travel our journey of grief. It does become more bearable even though our longing for our loved ones never subsides.

We are all alone in our grief as grief is unique to the individual but there are aspects of it which can be the same for many of us and you can find that understanding on this site. I hope in finding that understanding and knowing you are not alone, that others are experiencing the same kind of loss, will bring you some comfort as it has me.

I hope you and your daughter can take strength from each other. One of my favourite quotes has become:

‘You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice…’

Sending love to you and your daughter. Xx

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