Trying to keep busy

Anyone else just do what every they can just to distract thinking about everything that’s happened. If I sit still for to long I start thinking about what happened to jim and I start crying :cry: . I’m worn out with it all, grief makes you so tired. I try to fill my days doing meaningless things.
Yesterday I had to take dogs to vet he asked where Jim was and that was it I started crying he must have thought I was nuts but I can’t face people and talk about jim. I want to talk about him so I don’t forget him its so hard talking to another people.


Misprint I’m the same take care annie x x


I feel the same. I want to talk about my husband. It makes me feel he is here and I will never forget him. I love him so much he is with me in spirit and is watching over me and when my time comes we will be together. He is not far away just behind a veil. This is not all there is. Once our earthly life is over our souls live on. He will be waiting for me x


Nel I hope it happens a could cope better if I think he’s waiting for me big hugs annie x

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