Trying to support my partner

My partner has lost two family members last year to lung cancer, his mum was diagnosed to and told she had beaten it but in December she was told it was terminal and had weeks to months left she is still her, I tried to support him through this however I have now lost my dad unexpectedly which he has been supporting me through and for which I feel guilty, his mums energy is fading and we are both coping with grief in different ways me I want constant reassurance and love that isn’t his style which is a big change in him and then I take it as rejection and the cycle continues again I want to support him but I’m so fraigile I also feel so awful I never acknowledged how utterly broken he has been feeling any help from people who have lost their loved one due to expected illness please give me advice it’s so hard when I’m grieving to

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Hello sorry to hear this. I can’t imagine how it must feel to try to support someone while you are grieving. We all cope differently. Would you see a counsellor? That might help you and then you might be able to help him.

Thank you for your reply I’ve been seeing one for a month not sure how I feel about it she’s trying to close me now so I may look at some other councelling , my partner has started councelling now so hopefully things will start to improve just so hard when we’re both going through grief just hope we pull through thanks again x