TV, Films that comfort/grief theme

In the past I watched and enjoyed “Dead to me” on Netflix, it is about two women who meet through a grief support group. I watched the first episode this week and I view it differently now but still it offered some helpful escapism (for example there is a scene where the women goes into her car to listen to “screamo music” and scream with it, if I drove I would do that for sure as I feel like screaming a lot but can’t in front of people ).

This week I started watching “After Life” on Netflix which is about a man whose wife has died. This one does reference that he isn’t too bothered to keep living without his wife and resonates with me so far too (I am only on episode 4 though but this one gave me some things to think about when two men grieving for their partners discuss suicide quite honestly).

Both are black comedy/dark humour and sometimes they do make me laugh too, when nothing much does. I also couldn’t concentrate on most TV since my husband’s death but these do occupy my mind. Also seeing someone in grief is somehow comforting even though I know it is acting.

Does anyone know of any similar series or films they can recommend around this subject of grief?

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Thank you for sharing these films and TV series. Being able to resonate with the story or characters can be a really helpful way of coping for some people. Thank you for making this thread :slight_smile:

There’s a beautiful film called Jack & Sarah which I watched recently, it’s about someone who lost their wife and brings up their baby on his own with the support of his family. It’s a really nice film which I’d recommend watching :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot @Aife I will keep an eye out for Jack and Sarah. I find I can’t concentrate on much unless it is grieving people at the moment so if anyone has more recommendations that would be great.

You must watch After Life.It is so easy to follow and very poignant but funny in parts.It is a series and it really helped me.

Hi @Angiejo1 thank you for your reply. I watched both series of After Life now and I agree, it is super and helped me too. I’d love to find some more programs like that one. If not I will watch both series again as it quite gave me relief for those half hours.

The kominsky method on Netflix is another I’d recommend if you liked afterlife.

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