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I lost my partner last year and have gained a lot of comfort and advice from this group but I’m open to as much help as I can find. There is a programme on channel 4 tonight at 10 with Reverend Richard Coles the ex band member of the Communards who lost his partner in 2019. It’s about bereavement and the grief that it causes. Might be worth a watch. Take care everyone. My best to you all.


Hi peterj,
I’m on here as I lost my mum recently. I was thinking of watching that tonight as not doing great at the moment.
Take care

Hi pinky angel.

I’m so sorry to hear about your loss especially as its recent. My partner of 28 years passed away from cancer last Oct but even though it was 10 months ago its still painful to think about it. Everybody on here has lost someone and I just wondered if that prog. might help. Thank you for replying. My best wishes.

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I watched it @peterj but pretty much sobbed all the way through it, I liked it but still so hard, my wife Rachel died in February. I’ve even looked up the grief cruise! I was invited to a Christmas Ball tonight in December, but I just don’t think I could cope, with all my friends going (couples) I would be the 13th !!!

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Hi Rusty54

I watched it too. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting but quite interesting and at times it upset me too. I know what you mean about being the odd one out. I get invited out sometimes but quite often it’s with my brother in law and his wife and family but they’re all in couples, and me. I refuse the invites sometimes but then get concerned that they will worry about me more than they do already. Most of the time I don’t know what to do. It’s tough all this isn’t it? Best wishes. Peter.