Twice Bereaved

My husband John, aged 84, died in March. I was working through that. I applied to join my husband’s church. Weekends with daughter & grandchildren visited shrines Aylesford and Walsingham. Joined a volunteer gardening group for a social work hub, helped & encouraged by our business partner & bubble, Geoff, during Covid. We began to tentatively plan the future. Friends & family hoped we would get together. We had a really happy weekend. Three days later we dined at a French restaurant with champagne, had a wonderful happy next morning. Geoff went off to help a friend fit a fencing panel and he died that afternoon: he was just 79. I’m still trying to cope but my powerful other part of me had gone. I’m struggling to be motivated. I tell myself my daughter & 4 grandchildren need me but they all live miles away. I don’t want to go on holiday now or visit National Trust properties. My friend & neighbour has got me going to the Council sports centre for swimming sauna steam room & e-gym & the lady at the bank suggestedI join the local Universityof the 3rd Age. There’s the odd trip out too & old friends 50 miles away I can visit. Hope this helps. You really have to push yourself though!

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Dear @2TimesBereaved

Welcome to the Community. I am sorry to hear of the loss of your husband and friend Geoff.

What a wonderful friend and neighbour you have. She has got you out and about and that is lovely and you have taken the biggest step by going out, which is not always easy.

Keep us updated on your activities and how you are doing.

Take care.