Twins anniversary❤️❤️

It my twins anniversary today
I lost twins long time ago
Think everyone has forgot I’ve not
Webtct to cemetery few days ago got them big bible baloon with white feathers inside with there names etc wanted it to be pure
Only went up tue as husband keep telling me can’t travel so went tue
Nobody remembers but I do
May gov2 star baloons tonite realise into the sky/stars light candle say prayer for them
Not been feeling great
As anniversaries Christmas difficult as my dad died this year
And mum in law dued

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I was in tears reading your message I could feel the utter sadness you were going through…your beautiful twins will never be forgotten and will always be with you and your husband…I lost my son three years ago and he is with me just as much now as when he was alive.
Thinking of you…Keep in touch there is so many people on this site who have lost their children of all ages and we are all here for you…it does help to be able to talk to other Mothers who are going this agony…xxx

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Hi Marina
Sorry for ur loss
It’s awful losing a baby or babies
I was almost 7minths into my pregnancy
Usually I’m ok but just not upset today because there anniversary
But I will light a candle again tonite say prayer

Not having a good day
Supported my son
Then had lit running about
I got 2 heart baloons and sharpes to put msg on
Wanted to go to old Queen mother’s well behind it release baloons
But didn’t feel could say to my husband
He in bad mood annoyed again about been in town or whatever
Anyway he would think it’s stupid
So maybe release baloons in garden tonite with my daughter or go early tom queen mothers release them means a lot to do that
But there birthday today
Need stop now or I will burst into tears
Nobody ask how I am apart from my daughter

Hello S47.
I feel your pain and sadness. Please know we are here for you. Take care. Stay safe. Audrey

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Decided release baloons in the garden got my daughter to write on 1 of the baloons
So that was nice
Just wanted to release into sky in the starson there birthday
So they know Ive not forgotten
Judt wish they were here but there not
I be fine again in few days.
Judt got this lump in my throat feel going to cry if I start I won’t stop🎈