Two big griefs in 3 months

At the end of January my dad passed away at the age of 70 with cancer in a hospice. Today my grandmother (my Dad’s mother), passed away of a broken heart. Ever since she learnt that my Dad died, she has been so severely depressed and gave up towards the end. She withdrew completely, stopped answering phone calls and turned to drinking. I am exhausted, devastated and so overwhelmingly sad. I was there with them both and watched them pass away. Any words of wisdom welcome. I feel like life is a lot right now and it all feels rather hopeless.


Hello Pippa,
I’ve just responded to you on another thread but saw this and I could not let this conversation go unresponded to and wanted you to know you’re not alone. It sounds like you’ve had an absolutely awful time and I am so sorry for that.
My grandfather and father died at the start of the year so I can partly understand how you’re feeling. It is such a whirlwind.
For today, take a breath and be kind to yourself x


Thank you for your kind words!