Two loses close together

In the past few weeks I have lost my old dog and then not even three weeks later I lost my horse who was my soulmate and my best friend. I am so lost and heartbroken that I don’t know how to get myself through this.

So sorry for your losses one day at a time and as much time as it takes is all I can say. I lost my husband and daughter within a year and I just feel devastated but I try to concentrate on the people I still have.i know your lose is pets but loss is loss I got a dog to help me give me a purpose and I would be heartbroken if I lost him x

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Thank you for replying. I just am struggling with the fact I’ll never see my horse again. I was struggling with the loss of my dog and hadn’t even processed it when i lost my horse. My dog was old and I did have a lot of time to prepare myself. With my horse it was so sudden and she was way to young to go. I just cant get my head around it. I built up such an amazing bond with her and now it’s left me so empty x

I’m so sorry for your losses also. How did you cope with that, that must have been incredibly difficult.

I understand what you’re going through. I lost my cat Jan 2019, my dog Dec 2020 and my mum in April of this year. At the moment all I can do is cry and cry some more. I already suffer with clinical depression , anxiety and PTSD. I aren’t coping. So I know how you’re feeling, a loss can be devastating. Try to be kind to yourself, don’t feel alone, we are all grieving together here. Xx

I don’t really think I am coping to be honest, I seem to be getting worse as time goes on because I blocked a lot out.

Oh gosh I’m so so sorry for your losses. That is such a lot to deal with. You must feel like you’re just not getting a break. Life can be so cruel. It’s bad enough dealing with one loss but to have multiple is just horrendous xx